PROPAGANDA FAIL: “Terrified Ukrainians Flee to Russia” footage shows POLISH border

Voices of Ukraine

Sources: EuromaidanPR, @Voproskin, Ukrayinska Pravda

Russian TV Channel “ORT” launches an information war against Ukraine. In the video linked below, reports claim that some 140 thousand refugees from Ukraine are “fleeing from the chaos” into the Southern regions of Russia.

However, at 0:14, you can easily see the name of the the international checkpoint at the state border: Shegyni-Medyka, situated at the border with…. Poland!


Meanwhile, this is the real picture of the Ukrainian-Russian border, at the Nekhoteyevka checkpoint, leading into Belgorod region, which, ORT Channel claims, is one of the active recipients of the refugees:


The feed is updated every 3 to 5 minutes. If you’re still skeptical, you can see it for yourself:
Click to See Regularly Updated Feed.

Think twice before you take on any information from Russian sites and news channels! The lies are getting more blatant by the…

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