Australia cancels governmental contacts with Russia over invasion of Ukraine

Australia cancels contacts with Russia to protest invasion of Ukraine

Voices of Ukraine

03.03.2014, 15:58
Translated by Inna Olefirenko

The Minister for Trade of Australia, Andrew Robb, canceled a planned visit to Russia on Monday as a protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This was announced by the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, writes Radio Svoboda [Radio Freedom].
He also cancelled a visit by the Secretary of the National Security Council of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev.

“Russia must withdraw. It should withdraw its troops from Ukraine, Ukraine and the people should have the right to decide their own future,” – said the Prime Minister, speaking in Parliament.

“Unprovoked aggression has no place in our world,” – PM Tony Abbott stated.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia called in Russian ambassador Vladimir Morozov, for an explanation of his country’s actions in Ukraine.

According to the Australian press, the Ambassador said that all criticism…

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