Lviv is prepared to host military families from Crimea

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Lviv will be hosting the families of the military from Crimea; military families will be housed and provided with all their necessities so that the military need not worry about their safety.

This topic was discussed at an emergency session of Lviv’s regional council on Sunday, “Radio Liberty” reports. “We communicate with the military by telephone, and many of them have responded to the offer. There are also families here who are willing to host a [military] family,” said Petro Kolodiy, Head of Lviv Regional Council.

Deputies of Lviv Regional Council addressed the Crimean people in Ukrainian, Russian and Tatar languages ​​with words of support and friendship.

The deputies believe the events in Crimea are the result of a disinformation campaign conducted for years aimed at inciting hatred between the regions of Ukraine. Thus, the Russian president is carrying out a clear, prefabricated plan of military invasion and annexation, they stressed.

Lviv deputies expressed their hope that Crimeans fully understand that this invasion by Russia will indeed bring destruction to the population of the peninsula, which is modest as it is, and will devastate the majority, who earn income only during the holiday season.

A group of Lviv deputies is planning to go to Crimea, hoping to persuade the Crimean people that only by working together will they be able to defeat the plan of Putin’s militarists and deter the transformation of Crimea into a battleground.

Translated by Halyna Kaluzhna, edited by Natalie Domchenko

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