Putin’s Request to Deploy Troops to Crimea Was Based on a Staged Shooting and Fake Victims

March 2, 2014, 18:06

Russian President Vladimir Putin requested the Federation Council’s consent to deploy Russian troops in Crimea after a broadcast on Russian TV showing the purported death of Russian military servicemen as a result of shooting at the Crimean Council of Ministers building in Simferopol. The episode on shooting by “Ukrainian combatants” with covered faces and the bodies of Russian servicemen lying motionless on the road appeared on the Russian TV channel Vesti.

“At 3:20 pm, rapid machine fire was launched next to the Crimean Cabinet of Ministers building in Simferopol … 50 meters away, next to the Trade Unions building, unknown men wearing black uniforms and black face masks, as well as white ribbons tied around their arms, lay undercover, 50 meters away from the Cabinet of Ministers”, the Vesti journalist expained.

“They were shooting into the crowd and at the Trade Unions building. After that … they started jumping, one by one, into private yellow Bohdan buses. It is likely that the buses were hijacked, as one of them had a sign ‘Zoo’ on it”, the report emphasized.

The reporter also notes that “the journalists also suffered, but none of them has severe injuries, which only proves once again that there are provocateurs operating in Crimea, who are interested in destabilizing the situation.”


“Men in black playing the role of Banderites, even though they, for some reason, arrived in Crimea on buses with the Crimean licence plates.” Photo credit: Raymond-saint Livejournal.


As can be seen very clearly on the video, one of the buses that “the extremists jumped into” is yellow, with Crimean licence plates and a sign that reads “Lviv. Taygan”. These buses belong to a Crimean company “Park Lviv ‘Taygan’”, located in Bilohorodsk outside of Simferopol. The director of this company is also the director of Yalta zoo “Tale” [“Skazka”] Oleh Zubkov.


“Oleh Zubkov’s ‘Park Lviv Taihan” bus is implicated the second time. Here’s where this is all coming from?

In addition, users on social networks have noted that “Banderites” shown in the video are armed with the latest Russian weapons – notably, Series 100 AK guns and RG=94 grenade throwers, which are only available as weapons to the Russian Army.


Moreover, as can be seen from the photos and the video, there is absolutely no blood next to the motionless gunshot victims wearing fatigues.

Events in Simferopol are also being broadcast by the Russian TV channel “Rain”. A journalist reporting live from Crimea said on air that, having taken a look at the shells left behind after the shooting, it is apparent that they were using blank bullets.

“It’s unclear who was shooting and at whom; the Russian soldiers first assumed combat positions next to the building, but 15 minutes later, they returned to the Council of Ministers entrance. They were probably instructed that the threat had passed”, noted the journalists.

According to the journalists, the people who left on the yellow buses were not wearing uniforms – yet they were carrying small weapons and had white ribbons tied around their sleeves.

Following the live broadcast from Simferopol immediately after this “shooting,” it was reported that Putin had applied to the Council of Federation with a request to consent to the use of Russian military troops within Crimea’s territory.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda, http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/03/2/7017125/

Translated by Olga Ruda  Edited by Janet Taylor

4 thoughts on “Putin’s Request to Deploy Troops to Crimea Was Based on a Staged Shooting and Fake Victims

  1. They must be taking their cues from our leadership in the U.S. I’ve blogged about the supposed Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and how the more I read about it, the less I’m convinced it actually happened. False flag operations like this are convenient when you want to start a war (or in our case, take guns from the citizens).

    Blessings on you for having the courage to report stories like this. Many in America are praying that Putin would go home and leave Ukraine free.

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