Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea refuse to obey Aksenov administration


Officers refuse to recognize the administration head appointed by the new government of the Autonomy [Crimea] 

The employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) headquarters in Crimea and the Yalta City SBU do not obey the Crimean government, their representatives tell BSNews.

According to them, yesterday some TV channels and other media spread the false information that SBU had taken the side of the so-called Crimean government.

“In reality, on March 3, during the introduction of Mr Zyma, the new head of the Crimean SBU, all SBU officers refused to recognize him as the head of the administration,” say SBU employees.

None of the SBU officers in Crimea or Yalta turned traitor. That same day, all Crimean SBU officers appealed to SBU chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Naval Forces in Sevastopol reported earlier that neither military unit, garrison, nor ship responded to the Russian military’s ultimatum calling for them to surrender their weapons. No one swore allegiance to the self- proclaimed “Crimean government” and left the service. Moreover, there was no abandonment of posts by the Ukrainian military in Crimea, except for the betrayal of Denys Berezovkyi, former commander of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.


Translated from

by Mariya Shtangrat, edited by Robin Rohrback

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