A Letter From the Wife of a Russian Army Officer

putinWords don’t come easy to me now, yet I will make an attempt to deliver my point the best I know how.

I am the wife of a Russian Army officer. My husband has been serving his country for over 30 years. He has been through many dangerous military operations. He received several hard-earned medals of honor. 

We understand better than most what words such as Motherland, Honor, Directive and Duty mean.

So it’s happened that for the past 7 years we’ve resided in Ukraine. However, we are citizens of Russia. Again, we are Russian and have no plans to alter our citizenship. Needless to say, it would be unwise to disclose our names or the details of my husband’s career. The reasons for anonymity are rather obvious. There’s a risk of not being able to return to Russia to see our close relatives.

However we, my husband and I, realize what is now happening in Crimea. We have hundreds, if not thousands of friends there. My husband has been there many a time with various military missions. I can’t begin to understand why and how Russian troops ended up invading the territory of Ukraine! Why would Russia, the country of the richest history, do it to Ukraine now, in our 21st century? Considering that Ukraine is Russia’s closest and friendliest brotherly nation.

During this past year I and my husband, – as citizens of Russia, travelled all over Ukraine. We visited Uzhgorod, Mukachev, Lviv, Kremenets and numerous towns of Crimea. Everywhere we went we were welcomed with the warmest hospitality and heartfelt kindness.

What sort of terrorists, or right wing radicalists, or abuse are the Russian TV channels talking about?

Come to your senses, who are trying to fool? Only yourselves!

The man – the one whose regime was overturned for good by the great Ukrainian nation – escaped. I can’t bring myself to call him a human being or even mention his name. He escaped after trashing the country. He found refuge at some undisclosed location – but only FOR NOW. It’s not over and it won’t be until that place is found.

I understand all too well what Russian troops are doing in Crimea. Provocation didn’t happen. Ukrainian military didn’t fall for it. They simply sang the anthem of their country. Someone at the top misjudged the common people of  multicultural Ukraine.

I’d like to make a statement to the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world. The consequences of the federalization of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea will be tragic for all.

The reaction of the international community is already predetermined. It will be impossible to divide the country in a peaceful way, without spilling brotherly blood. Certain forces persistently aim at that. If such a divide is provoked to happen, it will tremendously hurt people who speak the same language, share the same culture, and, in our case, have dear ones living on both sides of the border.

I consider it my personal duty to clarify the following. Ukrainians treat Russians only with the warmth, kindness and friendliness. And that’s exactly what the latest events proved – neither the military guys nor the civilians of Crimea fell for the dirty provocations. They saw through the filthy lies and tricks.

All of you ideologists of the absurd from both sides, think about it. What sane person will ever believe in some illusional “Bandera bandits” and fascists in Crimea? Why are you trying to make idiots out of the entire population of great Russia? Do you not see? It’s not the 30-ties, or the 40-ties, or the 50-ties any more.

It’s the era of the internet, mobile phones, Skype and social networks.

Do you not at all understand how incredibly damaging your obnoxious lies might turn out for the Russian people, for the nation, and for Russia itself – as a country. It’s not too late to return back to sanity.

I have one last comment, from my personal experience. It so happened that I suffered a life-threatening illness during my years in Ukraine. I beat it. With the help of regular Ukrainian doctors from an unremarkable regional hospital. No bribes involved. No special conditions. My life was saved by regular people who donated their blood for me, for no compensation. One of them – a 20-year old young man – is no longer alive. His blood runs through my veins. Can you understand this? I am a Russian woman who has a gallon of Ukrainian blood inside her. Literally.

What am I to do?

I can no longer keep quiet – my heart is bleeding… I am ready to start defending Ukraine and its interests because those are the interests of regular people, including Russian ones.

I’m saying this and trembling…
“Genius” can be evil and blood thirsty. Or kind. Right?
His actions in Crimea have brought Ukrainian people closer. Everyone who is now anywhere on the territory of Ukraine – in any of its corners – will confirm this.

translated by Viktoriya Hryb

Original version: http://espreso.tv/new/2014/03/04/lyst_druzhyny_rosiyskoho_oficera

Source: eurolution.doc


6 thoughts on “A Letter From the Wife of a Russian Army Officer

  1. More propaganda garbage that typical western Ukrainians adore. Funny how majority of you in the west have nothing to do with Ukraine except perhaps your grandparents immigrated from there. More so the majority came from western Ukraine with a hatred for Russia that has been passed on generation to generation. Now you have your zabavas, plast, etc where you guys try brainwashing the next generation. Pretty sad. And now everyone is outraged at Putin for ‘so-called’ invading Ukraine while a banker/politician who has pillaged Ukraine and its people is running the country. Currently living in England heres how I see it… EU is going to bury Ukraine in debt, along with the IMF while the U.S takes your resources. Partnering up with Russia is a shitty deal but at least it has its benefits. So long Ukraine…glad to be born there and glad to be out of there.

    • Because Russia won’t plunder our resources, or perpetuate the corruption in Ukraine. Right. As for your claim that we have nothing to do with Ukraine, nothing could be farther from the truth. You can speak for yourself though.

    • You’re bashing the EU and Ukraine, yet you’re an exiled commie in England who is now running his mouth. Why don’t you move back to mother Russia, where your inbred ancestors are from anyway? Russia is a third world country with first world military technologies. Ukraine gives birth to trash and waste of space like you everyday, so I’m not surprised that you’ve been brainwashed in your soviet-like way. Wake up titushka, it’s 2014, not 1936, Lenin’s not alive and Ukraine is independent. It’s just a matter of time before China carves you up.

    • II never hated Russians..much of our blood is intermixed. However, I’d like to have Putin and his regime wiped off the face of the earth for what they are doing to Ukraine. Unfortunately, Russia has always had authoratarion leaders they seem to be more comfortable with that than Ukrainians…Putin didn’t invade Ukraine? What happened in Crimea in eastern and southeastern Ukraine? Who has been killing people living in those area’s of Ukraine….Russian special forces and now Chechans…those are facts! You’re no Ukrainian..you’re a paid Putin troll.

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