A major request from the Russian-speaking population of Vologda region

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

We have learned that you want to send troops to Crimea, to protect the rights of the Russian-speaking population.

In this regard, we have a major request – send troops to the Vologda region. We’re all entirely Russian-speaking and our rights are very much infringed. Our patients cannot get the drugs and treatment they need, the quality of education keeps declining every year, clubs and children’s groups keep closing, and our agriculture is almost destroyed. We’re all suffering.

And the invaders who seized power with the help of fraudulent elections do nothing for the conquered population. They spend money on themselves, on your PR, on their offices and country houses, the purchases of apartments and charter planes.

We ‘ll be eternally grateful and guarantee that there won’t be any guerrilla wars against the liberator. And international sanctions, for sure, will not follow.

We have also learned that you are going to spend a lot of money to normalize life in the Crimea. We are embarrassed to ask whether it is possible to spend some money on normalizing life in the Vologda region too? Because our region is in such a burden of debt that we have no money to pay it off. And we really need bridges, roads, sports facilities, industrial facilities, new jobs …

With respect and hope for liberation,
The Russian-speaking residents of the Vologda region.

Source: http://blogarmdavo.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/у-нас-большая-просьба-ввести-войска


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