Creative resistance: besieged Marines give a concert for “the little green men”

Besieged Marines in Kerch serenade the “little green men” from Russia.

Voices of Ukraine

It’s Day 105 of the Revolution in Ukraine.

The Crimean occupation by “unidentified soldiers under Russian command” (dubbed the “little green men” by Ukrainian military) continues…

But today’s lesson comes from the talented and brave Marines under siege on their base in Kerch, Crimea, military unit А 0669, who are showing the world: to never stop being creative even under the worst circumstances, because creativity is resistance.

Even as hostages under siege (their base is surrounded by “little green men” with rather large weapons) Ukrainian Marines serenade their Russian brothers with an impromptu outdoor concert. Even our marines are talented musicians and generous hosts! 

0_d8292_1ae2beec_XL Alexander “Sasha” Sema

Meet Sasha (Alexander Sema), the lead singer in the video below, who is a poet, a Junior Sergeant and was a peacekeeper in Kosovo. In this video clip he sings a song from Okean Elzy, one of Ukraine’s most popular and successful…

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