Voices of Ukraine


Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Brothers, here is a summary of March 6:
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 5)

The situation is not getting better. It looks like our society has recovered from the first shock of the Russian invasion. The current attitude is persisting bewilderment and rejection of the Kremlin’s deranged behavior.

The bad news:

1. Crimea, under the rule of Putin’s Gauleiters, is quickly preparing an emergency exit from Ukraine. Uncle Vova [Putin] is in a bit of a pickle – his lies about ‘no Russian soldiers in Crimea’ are now working against him. The international community is completely on Kyiv’s side, and the Ukrainian military, after recovering from the initial stupor, started making concrete plans. The time is working against Putin.

Thus, the forced mode of stealing the Crimea is being activated. Obviously, the Kremlin had hoped to separate the entire…

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