INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 6 – reports from the ground

Voices of Ukraine

Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV

07:10 – Russian Troops Renew Some Blockades

Report of Information Resistance
Unfortunately, just as we feared, the removed troops did not stay away for long. In Perevalnoye, the Russian soldiers returned a mere hours later. We are looking into the reasons behind these maneuvers.

However, the military blockade was not restored on all units. The best news in that respect is probably the Ukrainian Navy Headquarters in Sevastopol. Currently, it is only being blocked by the “self-defense”. We’re awaiting pictures from the scene – our reports say that some of Aksyonov’s fighters are wearing white armbands, looking just like WW2-era polizei.

The weakened blockade of the Navy Headquarters bore some fruit. A few people managed to persuade “Putin’s tourists” to let them inside, after a thorough search. Some food was also delivered into the H.Q.

07:37 – Serbian ‘Consultants’ Confirmed

Report of Information Resistance
Yesterday, we…

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