News digest, March 8

10:50  OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Astrid Thors claims that there is a great danger to the Ukrainians as well as the Tatars in the Crimea. She also added that according to her observations, there is no violation or danger to the Russian speaking citizens.

12:04  The leader of “Praviy Sector” movement Dmytro Yarosh intends to run for President of Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Kyiv organisation “Praviy Sector” Andriy Tarasenko, reports Interfax-Ukrayina. Prime Minister Arsenij Yatsenuk said that all the Ministers will be flying economy class and the amount of cars will be drastically shortened.

13:32 Russia has officially suspended the political relations with Ukraine. Permanent representative of Russia in the UN Vitalij Churkin says that the decision was made because Moscow does not acknowledge the legitimacy of the current Ukrainian government.

14:43 The military delegation sent by the OSCE under the approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin failed on Friday to reach the Crimea again. Matthew Chance, American journalist who is travelling with the delegation, posted on Twitter that the delegation was “flicked on by pro Russia guards as they approached the checkpoint”.

14:51 Foreign ministers from central Europe, the Baltics and Nordics condemned on Friday Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and a planned referendum by Crimean’s government, urging the EU to send an observation mission to Kyiv.

15:06 Tymoshenko had a meeting with Angela Merkel, during which they discussed their concerns about the Crimea. Tymoshenko also accepted Germany’s offer to undergone medical treatment at Charite in Berlin.


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