New Ukrainian Government Introduces Strict Cost Saving Measures for Officials

Officials are banned from taking business trips abroad, while bonus payments and reimbursements for mobile phone service are being eliminated.

The Ukrainian government has issued a resolution, disseminated by the Cabinet of Ministers’ press service, introducing a strict cost savings regime for budgetary funds.
Among others, the document “establishes a ban on purchases of uniforms, motor vehicles, mobile phones, and notebooks, performing renovations, reimbursements of expenses for mobile phone service, and payments for charter flights.”

In addition, the government may not create new budgetary institutions or increase staff numbers in the existing institutions, without special permission. From now on, the ministers are limited to having no more than four deputies, while chairs of oblast administrations will have to work with only three assistants.

The Cabinet of Ministers has suspended paying cash bonuses to civil servants “for diligent continuous work.” Additionally, cafeterias that service the Ukrainian bureaucrats are ordered to no longer offer meals at discounted prices.

“Moreover, restrictions are introduced on taking business trips abroad, on using the budgetary funds to hold festive events, etc.”, notes the Cabinet of Ministers.
At the same time, the government is planning to conduct an inventory of public residences, dachas, rest and recreation facilities, etc. “Based on its outcomes, the State Property Fund will make recommendations as to their further utilization”, emphasizes the press service’s report.

The Cabinet of Ministers recommends that local self-governance bodies and entities charged with administering state-owned objects “take measures towards frugal and rational use of public funds.”

Previously, it was reported that Prime Minister Yatsenyuk has banned the ministers from using government cars, benefits, and privileges.

Source: TSN

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