Ukrainian Army Reserve Officers Create Information Resistance


Ukrainian Army reserve officers set up an information alert network to address the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The group includes military analysts and journalists. Many of them are retired colonels who previously worked in research departments of the Ukrainian armed forces, some  of them participated in peacekeeping missions in Iraq.

They called their group Information Resistance. The information is disseminated through the Facebook page of the Head of the Center for Military and Political Studies, colonel in reserve Dmitry Tymchuk. “The initiative group is made up of the recently retired reserve officers such as myself. This means that we do not have bosses, we do not get paid for our work and, therefore, depend on nobody. We are working on pure enthusiasm and the only force motivating us is patriotism,” writes Tymchuk.“Incoming information is checked by at least two, but normally three independent sources. If the information is highly resonant we approach witnesses and participants of events (for example, the information about the former Navy Commander Berezovskiy, his defection and his family being taken hostage was confirmed by officers and Navy admirals who were around when the occupants delivered their ultimatum to Berezovskiy). Each message we transmit is backed up by the work of many people,” said Tymchuk.

“There is no point in lying. Aggressors need lies to cover up their vile intentions. Only an idiot would answer lies by lying. As we see, the Russian propaganda nonsense is easy to rebuke (it suffices to recall the fable about the crowd of “defectors” from the Ukrainian military units, or about the “Hetman Sahaydachniy” [flagship] leaving Sevastopol).  Our weapon is the truth,” he says.

As yesterday has shown, the system works reliably. The team of has known the Infomation Resistance participants for many years and can attest that they are true patriots. Yesterday’s experience serves to confirm this.

Translated by Alya Shandra, edited by Mariana Budjeryn




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