Fascist tendencies in Crimean Crisis

Voices of Ukraine

Deutsches Original  (date of publication of the original entry: 08.03.2014)

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine (VoU)

Black and red colours of the Right Sector appeared on Maidan in Kyiv (Kiev) early on. Fascist trend is also present in the transitional government. Is it a good enough reason to let Russia intervene? Many German political leaders and commentators turn to radical movement in Ukraine to justify or at least understand Russian aggression in respect to Crimean peninsula.

At the same time the fact that there is another actor involved, that makes use of radical right-wing policies, remains largely overlooked. It is not in Ukraine, but in Russia where official state policies remain highly homophobic. Where does the executive power has the last word to say? In Russia. It is there that we see – as it was often the case in fascist states of the past –…

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