From Kyivan Rus to EuroMaidan…

The long road from Kyivan Rus to EuroMaidan: brotherhood and battle.

Voices of Ukraine

A Long Way to EuroMaidan

This text was originally posted to our Facebook page, Euro-Maidan As It Is, on December 14, 2014. Since many have commented on, or asked about, the common origins of Russians and Ukrainians, this text points to some of the similarities in the shared history and some of the divergences in development. So we re-post it here again; in light of current events it gains renewed relevance, and is now searchable on our Voices of Ukraine blog. 

Alexei ShiropaevBy Alexei Shiropaev
Translated by Isis Wisdom, Voices of Ukraine

The Ukrainian revolution, which has received the landmark name of “EuroMaidan” has ancient roots. Her motives are not reducible to purely economic factors. Of course, supporters of European integration want to attract a European standard of living, that’s normal. However, as I see it, a million people in the streets of Kiev are driven not so…

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