Russian Foreign Ministry Convinced US cannot Provide Financial Assistance to Ukraine


Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) believes that the US has no legal grounds to provide assistance to Ukraine, according to the Ministry statement.

The Russian MFA pointed out that the 1961 US law on foreign aid states that the US government cannot “provide financial assistance to the government of any state, the legitimately elected president of which was overthrown in a military coup or by an unlawful decision.”

“Thus, by all criteria, the allocation of funds to the illegitimate regime that seized power in a violent way is illegal and goes beyond the American legal system,” the Russian MFA maintains.

During his press conference in Rostov-na-Donu on March 11th, Viktor Yanukovych said that the United States have no right to provide financial assistance to countries where legitimate power has been overthrown by force.

It turns out that the US Foreign Assistance Act refers to aid for humanitarian and military purposes or development needs and does not include loans.

Earlier this week in Kyiv, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the American government is ready to extend Ukraine a USD 1 billion loan and that President Barack Obama “will seek opportunities” for other forms of financial support for Ukraine.

Translated by Borys Vasylyshyn, edited by Mariana Budjeryn

2 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Ministry Convinced US cannot Provide Financial Assistance to Ukraine

  1. Interesting that Mr. Putin and the Russian government are looking for every possible loop hole that would not allow America or the EU to recognize, give assistance, or become involved in Ukraine, yet Mr. Putin has extended Russian help and friendship to the current leadership of Egypt which has also come into existence through the dissatisfaction of the direction of the elected President and government. Yes, the west is a problem. Democracy and freedom – of speech, and individual life pursuits. Values that have no place in a totalitarian society. The west needs to stand up and be counted! Before it’s too late.

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