The current situation in Crimea, as explained by Iryna from Crimea…

The Crimean situation from the viewpoint of a smart, feisty resident: Iryna from Crimea.

Voices of Ukraine

Iryna from Crimea
March 10, 2014 Facebook status
Translated by Olya Krolya for Voices of Ukraine
Edited by Voices of Ukraine



I will try to explain the current situation in Crimea.

This is my personal opinion, and there are reeeeeally many of those who disagree.

Although at a first glance everything looks very calm…

Currently, the population of the peninsula is divided into two camps: there are those who, with wide opened eyes, shout “Russia-Russia,” as if they were zombified, and those (unfortunately, even though a lot, but they are still fewer) who very well understand what this euphoria will lead to.

Opinions have divided to the extent that relatives and loved ones within one family do not understand and do not hear each other, and this in turn means that we have one foot already entered into a civil war, brother against…

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