A 75-Year-Long Lie

“There has been no system that lied more than ours in the entire history of mankind.” Historian and scientist Mirskiy on the 75-year-long Lie.

Voices of Ukraine

By Georgiy Mirskiy, honored historian and science worker
10.03.2014  16:27
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: http://www.echo.msk.ru/blog/georgy_mirsky/1276138-echo/

poster-136803-picture-mirskI was thirteen when Stalin began the war with Finland. The Red Army crossed the border, and the next day the Soviet people heard on the radio: “In the city of Terijoki [in Russia, renamed Zelenogorsk in 1948, on the shore of Finland, 50km NW of St. Petersburg], insurgent workers and soldiers have formed the Provisional People’s Government of the Finnish Democratic Republic.” My father said: “See, no country can go to war against us – a revolution will happen immediately.”

I am not lazy – I took out a map, looked at it, and said: “Dad, but Terijoki is right next to the border. It seems that our troops entered it on the very first day. I don’t get it – what revolt? What provisional people’s government?” And it…

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