Bulletins in Crimea are Already Checked in the Right Place, Busloads of Russians coming in

Crimeans photographed bulletins that have already been filled ahead of the referendum in Crimea. In the bulletins, the box for the accession to the Russian Federation is already ticked. In this format, the bulletins are released from the printing press.


According to the deputy Oleksandr Bryhynets, busloads of Russian citizens arrive in Crimea through the ferry terminal at Kerch. Under the guise of Crimean residents, they will vote for the separation of Crimea.



So my son’s girlfriend got a letter from her friend in Crimea.

“Hi))) more news…from the direction of Kerch Russians are being brought in in large amounts of buses to vote in the referendum, the first batch is already here, and empty ones are leaving from Simferopol, probably after the next batch!!! my mom saw these buses and many other Feodosians((( even the ‘zombies’ [people blindly believing Russian propaganda] say that there are very many people that are not ours, not Crimeans! I don’t how they will process their voting…whole villages here of Russians and Tatars and Ukrainians and others refuse to vote, so they are bringing in support for themselves((( and they will give them away as Crimeans… I think we should spread this to as many people as we can, I only don’t know how.


Translated by Borys Vasylyshyn, edited by Mariana Budjeryn


5 thoughts on “Bulletins in Crimea are Already Checked in the Right Place, Busloads of Russians coming in

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