The Foreign Minister of Russia spreads lies about Donetsk and threatens to take it under protection


The Foreign Minister of Russia issued a statement that completely distorts the real picture of events in Donetsk on Thursday evening and promised to take the city “under protection”.

statement published on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia states that the people who criticize the current government were attacked by “right-wing groups”. “Russia is aware of its responsibility to citizens and compatriots living in Ukraine and reserves the right to the protection of people,” – said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“On March 13, in Donetsk tragic events and bloodshed happened. Peaceful demonstrators who came to the streets to express their attitude to the destructive position of people who call themselves Ukrainian authorities were attacked by right-wing groups, armed with traumatic weapons and bats, who arrived to the city from the other parts of the country on the eve, “- said the statement. “As a result there is a large number of wounded people, one person was killed,” – he added in the statement. “We have repeatedly said that the government, which came to Kyiv, has to disarm the militias, ensure the safety of people and the legitimate right of people to hold rallies. Unfortunately, as it turns out from the events in Ukraine, it is not happening, the government in Kiev does not control the situation in the country” – he added.

On Thursday, March 13, a pro-Ukrainian rally was held in Donetsk. Activists held speeches about the unacceptability of war and the unity of the country, sang the anthem, chanted “Glory be to Ukraine!” and “Glory be to the Heroes!” At the same time, the so-called “pro-Russian” protesters gathered near them, chanting “Russia”, throwing eggs and water balloons in the direction of their opponents. Later, they attacked the pro-Ukrainian protesters and beat them with iron sticks. Later, members of the pro-Russian rally surrounded the police bus, which also included members of self-defense, broke windows and sprayed gas, threw firecrackers into the bus. As a result, officially one person is killed, according to the press secretary of the Donetsk branch of The Svoboda Party.



6 thoughts on “The Foreign Minister of Russia spreads lies about Donetsk and threatens to take it under protection

  1. The Russian Foreign Minister, Mr Lavrov, seems to be a very aggressive diplomat and to have no interest in peace at all.
    Mr Lavrov appears to be a master of sophism, so to speak, as well.

    Apparently, he thinks that he can distort everything the way he wants and that he can deceive and manipulate the hearts and minds of other people in the world the way he likes. Of course, he is wrong to think so. Diplomats like him are a serious threat to peace indeed.

    Hopefully, the whole world watches Mr Lavrov closely. Hopefully, the international community watches what Mr Lavrov, Mr Putin and their Kremlin colleagues say and do closely. Hopefully, we will not to let them rob Crimea and other provinces from Ukraine to go unpunished.

    If they are allowed to rob and go unpunished this time, they may become the largest danger to the entire world sooner rather than later. So, the planned economic sanctions next week are probably a good start. Hopefully, these misguided Kremlin leaders will learn a lesson from the coming sanctions and know how much they have to lose for arrogantly occupying and provoking a sovereign country.

  2. there is russian propaganda
    and there is ukrainian propaganda
    Praviy Sektor have killed 2 pro-russian demonstrants yesterday in Kharkov. You say: russian tourists tried assault “patriots”.
    You are not even better than russian propaganda, and you startet with cenzorship on youtube chanel.

    • Pandada, what bullshit, keep watching Russian TV. Praviy Sektor’s office in Kharkiv was assaulted by pro-russian forces that started shooting at it with a Kalashnikov. And guess what? Right, the Russian foreign ministry makes the Praviy Sektor responsible for all of it. Comments on the youtube were disabled because of a giant quantity of paid trolls.

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