Armed Russians detained at Ukrainian border

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, early on March 14, a border patrol unit patrolling the Chonhar district (Kherson Oblast) near the border with Crimea, detained a military intelligence officer of the armed forces of the Russian Federation near the temporary checkpoint Chonhar as he was heading towards Crimea, reports Expreso.TV.

During a personal search of the detainee, an AKS machine gun with 5 rounds of live ammunition was found. The man was dressed in the black unmarked uniform of Russian commandos.

According to a statement issued by the Security Service of Ukraine, “the alien had multiple identities under different names.” The Security Service of Ukraine “obtained a document confirming that the detainee is a military intelligence officer of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. It has been established that the Russian citizen was carrying out spying and diversion activities on the territory of the Kherson Oblast. The SBU is trying to locate the associates of the offender,” the statement concludes.

Documents on the case have been submitted to the European Court of Human Rights to add to the evidence base No 20958/14 “Ukraine against Russia” opened on March 13. The Court’s decision on Russia in the present case may be issued within a month, reports Espreso TV.

Another Russian detained in Zhytomyr Oblast.

On March 14,  in the Zhytomyr Oblast at the checkpoint Vystupovychi, a Russian citizen armed with a TT pistol was detained by border police, reports Espreso TV, citing UNIAN.

The car UAZ driven by the Russian contained a service dog. During inspection, a TT gun and ammunition were found inside the car. The circumstances of the offense and the purpose of the weapons are being investigated.


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