Taruta says Russian citizens provoking clashes in Donetsk

Столкновения в Донецке провоцируют граждане России - донецкий губернатор

The head of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, Serhiy Taruta, is dissatisfied with police actions during the clashes on Lenin square on Friday, March 14, reports news outlet novosti.dn.ua.

“I’m dissatisfied with the way police behaved yesterday,” he said. According to Taruta, the authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that no protests take place or, at least, to have them take place in separate locations. Taruta also believes that pro-Ukrainian forces should probably refrain from holding protests now due to high levels of aggression on the part of the pro-Russian forces.

“Let them release some steam. I think in a week this energy should take a more peaceful course,” he said.

Taruta pointed out that, according to intelligence services, there are “quite a few representatives of a foreign state who are provoking aggression on behalf of the separatist movement.” He specified that he was referring to Russian citizens.

“According to statements of the Security Service of Ukraine, representatives of a foreign state were arrested,” said Taruta. He also stressed that most of the residents of Donbas are advocating for peace and stability and do not share the ideas of a small group of pro-Russian radicals. Additionally, he addressed the mayors of cities in the Donetsk Oblast, asking them to explain the situation in the country to their citizens.

As has been reported, at least 50 people were injured during clashes between participants in the pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian protests that took place on Thursday evening, March 13, in Donetsk. The deaths of two people have been confirmed. Another person is in a serious condition and has undergone surgery. Two other persons are in critical condition.



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