Far-rights and neostalinists observing so-called ‘referendum’ in Crimea


The list of foreign observers that came to monitor the illegitimate ‘referendum’ in Crimea are representatives of the far-right Hungarian party famous for their attacks on Jews and Romas, and a left-wing MP of the Europarliamen, famous for his neostalinist views, as EuromaidanSOS informs, referring to the list of foreign observers.

The list contains the names of Béla Kovács, a representative of the far-right Hungarian party Jobbik, Johann Stadler, “who asserts that Anna Politkovskaya had ordered her own assasination”, Zoran Radoncic, who has been banned entry to Canada for denying the Holocaust.

Among other observers there is the ‘far left Greek Angurakis with a reputation of a neostalinist’.

Besides that, bikers from the Russian bike club ‘Ghosts’ in Domodedovo are planning to come and observe the voting taking place in Simferopol.

Translated by Alya Shandra

Source: pravda.com.ua


5 thoughts on “Far-rights and neostalinists observing so-called ‘referendum’ in Crimea

  1. Please can we stop referring to today’s events in Crimea as a referendum, it isn’t because it was not free or fair or legal. Its proper term in English psuedo- referendum, in other words in the style of a referendum but without legitimacy. Thank you

  2. Mateusz Piskorski is not an MP and has not been one since 2007. Why do they keep crediting him as a current MP?

    He was a member of Niklot (pagan neo-Nazi group) and the Self Defense party (a populist agrarian-nationalist party).

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