Why the Crimean “Referendum” is a manipulation: 10 facts you should know

Why the Crimean “Referendum” is a manipulation – 10 facts you should know!

Voices of Ukraine

By Taras Shamajda
March 13, 2014
Translated by Mykyta Mykytovych and Edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: http://texty.org.ua/pg/article/editorial/read/52448/

Many people are talking about the referendum in Crimea: Some condemn it, some support it, and some boycott it. There is even an impression that some of the opponents really consider that this will be a referendum, i.e., that the residents of Crimea will take part in the decision-making concerning the future of the peninsula. However this is not the case. On March 16 there will not be any referendum.

I would like to stress: There will not be any referendum. There will be a farce organized by Russia to create the impression that the occupation of Crimea is by the “people’s will.”

There are at least 10 reasons not to consider manipulations of the Russian occupants as a referendum:

1. Breach of the Ukrainian Constitution. A secession of any part of Ukraine…

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