Sviatoslav Vakarchuk: 10 principles that must guide those in power in Ukraine

Frontman of ‘Okean Elzy’ provides fundamental principles to new government in Ukraine 


This is my appeal to the “new” government! Ukraine faces uncertain times today. This includes the threat of loss of territory, the uneasy situation in various regions, economic challenges and much more. In such a situation, you have no margin for error. No, I don’t mean mistakes in the process of doing your job which were, are and always will be for each of those who works. I’m talking about strategic mistakes that might not only cause it to lose its place in office but to the loss for all of us of territorial integrity and stability. Don’t go down the path of your predecessors.

Here are the 10 principles that you must follow at all times:

  1. Don’t appoint people on the basis of “ours/theirs.” All appointments should be based on the three P’s: Patriotism, Properness and Professionalism.
  2. Listen carefully and hear everybody without leaving out any regions of Ukraine, in the east or in the west. And first of all, listen to ordinary Ukrainians.
  3. One law for all. Don’t get caught up in witch hunts and don’t protect your own. Nothing is scarier than a double standard.
  4. Forget about party principles and quotas. That’s a losing proposition and poor practice. It only makes a government narrow-minded.
  5. Honestly, clearly and transparently explain to voters every step that you are taking and your reasons for it. Any unpopular reform can be accepted positively if people understand how, why and to what end it is being done.
  6. Start economizing with yourselves. And only yourselves. Officials riding in Mercedes are not trusted by anyone.
  7. Make information security a priority. Free speech should be inviolable. But only up to the point when it does not threaten the freedom of your own nation.
  8. Use the country’s strong points to the maximum. Geopolitical ones, economic ones, political ones… any points. Act consensually. Focus on a single point.
  9. Make sure that all economic success immediately is felt in the quality of the Armed Forces. A strong army is the guarantee of piece and territorial integrity.
  10. Shake hands with political opponents if that promotes the success of the country. Today there is no opposition and ruling group division. Today we have those who favor a strong Ukraine… and those who are against it.

We are different, but we are together. That’s our national idea.

Source: Okean Elzy FB

Translated by Lidia Wolanski


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