The head of the Russian Duma Committee for CIS: For the sake of the ‘Russian world’ we cannot retreat

Interview with Leonid Slutskiy, Head of the Russian Duma Committee for CIS Affairs by Ondras Fyoldas 


Georgian Colleague:  What is your position concerning the referendum? How soon will you discuss the decision of the Crimean people in Russian State Duma?

Russian Politician Let’s wait for the results of the referendum. We don’t know yet what the results will be … Let’s wait for the people of Crimea to freely express their will. If they vote for Russia, we’ll negotiate it as soon as possible in the Duma. As to the procedures, I am not ready to answer this question … I know for certain that it will not take much  time … [And] with this, we will restore the historical justice: Crimea was always part of Russia.

Georgian Colleague What will happen if the international community will not recognise your decision?

Russian Politician Remember when we restored constitutional order in the Chechen Republic? Remember how we were defamed by them for recognition of independence of Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia? Georgia still considers these countries to be a part of its territory. We are in a difficult position, but for the sake of the “Russian world,” culture and language, we simply cannot accept a situation and remain indifferent to the fact that our compatriots on the territory of Ukraine are killed, displaced and forbidden to speak Russian.

It is a top of all these dissatisfactions, which appeared during our newest history when somebody was trying to build on a global unipolar world in contrast to multipolar world with a leading role of the UN, which was formed after WWII. And for these powers only a mere vision of  Ukraine joining a Customs Union was a nightmare.

Remember the book published in 1997 “The Big Chessboard” by [Zbignew] Brzezinsky? It describes what now is happening now: the building of a new world order with the leading role of USA, against Russia. Russia without Ukraine is not a superstate. The forepost of new world order is Ukraine. Same situation we see now. The Customs Union would undermine Brzezinsky’s unipolar doctrine. The West is afraid of Ukraine’s membership in the Customs Union or any strategic union with Russia because it undermines them.

That is why since November last year, dozens of western high-ranking politicians are flooding Kyiv as if from cornucopia, and trampled all norms of international laws and practices and call to upstage a legitimate government. And then the bandit masses of protesters are uncontrolled by the leaders of the opposition. And there was bloodshed. That is why we have to protect the compatriots in Crimea and Black Sea fleet. And I am sure and you have to understand that it is a geopolitical struggle. The destiny of the unipolar world and the Russian world is at stake. And we, like the 28 Panfilov fighters near Moscow, cannot retreat. Today we cannot give up our people in Ukraine.

German Colleague I’d like to ask you a question for Germans. How will the events in Crimea affect the development of the EU?

Russian Politician You know, it s difficult to predict, with all those aggressive tensions prevailing now in Kyiv. But, let us begin with the fact that we do not need a war with our nation-brother. There will be no war. But we never give up. And we are united it this with the biggest word states, who protect their compatriots. Like Germany. For example, Goethe Institute which unites Germans all over the world. And if there is a threat to Germany or German language I am sure that Germany would protect its people. We have to understand that.

Our Western, as I call them, strategic friends try to separate Russia and Ukraine into different civilisational dimensions, trampling cruelly over Russian language and important international conventions including the UN Convention on Human Rights, the European Charter for Minority Languages.

I am sure that common sense would prevail. Our actions are recognised by many European intellectuals in many countries. It will be hard for us to communicate with many international parliamentary organisations. But we have to stand firm to protect our people and not allow the establishment of the unipolar world order. And I think lots of people in the whole world would support us.

German Colleague Tomorrow we would see the results of the referendum. But I am not sure that Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians will acknowledge it.

Russian Politician Let us wait for the results of referendum. I am sure that the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians will express their position. In the future Crimea, the language of Russians Crimean tatars and Ukrainians should have the same rights. Future Crimea will be an example of peaceful cohabitation of all nations, all languages and all confessions. And Crimea will be an example for everyone.

German Colleague How will it manage?

Russian Politician  I think that Crimeans can do it.

German Colleague Will Russia help them?

Russian Politician In case Crimeans call for it, Russia will help. Furthermore, by that time Crimea will be an autonomous republic within Russia.

German Colleague Aren’t you afraid of some…

Russian Politician No, we are not afraid of international conflicts in Crimea, and we are sure  they will not happen.

German Colleague Thank you.

Interview held and translated by Ondrasz Fyoldas from

2 thoughts on “The head of the Russian Duma Committee for CIS: For the sake of the ‘Russian world’ we cannot retreat

  1. Leonid Slutskiy states that Crimea will become “an autonomous Republic” within the borders of Russia?! George Orwell’s ‘1984’ double-think is alive and well in the grey matter of Russia’s elite intelligentsia, no doubt! Imagine that: Freedom is possible not only through work (as the Nazis claimed in their concentration camps) but within the prison walls of Russia itself?! That the Crimea is now ‘autonomous’ because of the Russian take-over is as ludicrous as the concept of ‘self-defense’ units of foreign invaders who take over the Crimea in the name of anarchy and lawlessness–a disorder that they themselves have created, as those who raise up a dust storm and then cry that they cannot see?! “Duma” (if my Russian serves me correctly) refers to ‘thinking’ but there is virtually no clear thinking in this expose, an expose of Russian propaganda at its worst.”For the sake of the Russian world, we cannot retreat” from the Crimea is utter bunk. If the Quisling from Kiev, Viktor Yanukovych, had not sold out his country for a mess of pottage (and so lost his birthright) unidentified armed soldiers acting under Putin’s orders would not have violated their neighbor’s hospitality and instead of a brief military exercise (as they promised) these rude guests would have returned to home base (as Putin publicly requested they do when they are through with their phony exercises).Do these silly mind-games make your head feel dizzy?! Well, that is the point: If you believe the crap Moscow is dishing out, then you will not believe that Sevastopol is a part of Ukraine just as Moscow is a part of Russia. According to this Mr. Slutskiy, Crimea was always part of Russia. Oh, really?! Not in the last 60 years–since 1954–as History bears witness to the facts. But then Putin thinks to ignore the Treaties of 1954, or of 1991, or of whatever year he chooses, because as Russia’s elite, now worth 130 billion dollars or thereabouts (who’s counting?!), he can snap his fingers and fiction becomes fact, lies become truth, and propaganda becomes (to use a Nazi term) “enlightenment”. What Adolph Putler and his side-kick Benito Yanukilini seem to forget is that those who refuse to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. So, let’s see; Mussolini has hung upside down in the middle of Milan, and Hitler (according to the Russian version) took a self-inflicted bullet through the mouth. Wow! that part of history is a bit graphic, isn’t it?! Much like the 100 heroes and heroines (innocent people just like you and me) who formed a part of a public demonstration and paid for it with their lives (beaten to death with batons by pro-Russian ‘Security Forces’ or fatally shot by snipers speaking Russian and using Russian-made sniper rifles). Meanwhile, back in their luxurious hideaway in Russia, these two twisted world leaders Vladimir and Viktor proclaim to the world that they cannot retreat for the sake of Russia whose citizens are inside the Crimea?! And–get this!– these twisted thinkers dare to declare that it is this Autonomous Crimea that is Autonomous inside the dictatorship of Russia?! Now, if that is not a double-take of double-talk or double-think, who knows what is?!

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