Vitaly Portnikov: Putin’s Human Shield

Portnikov on Russian soldiers hiding behind women and children as human shields.

Voices of Ukraine

426747_20140130123041By Vitaly Portnikov
20.03.2014  LiveJournal
Translated by Olya Lutska and Edited by Isis for Voices of Ukraine

It’s the dirtiest war in modern history

When, at the beginning of Russian actions in Crimea, Vladimir Putin told reporters that, “the Russian soldiers will stand behind the people – not in front, but behind,” many commentators took these words of the president to be a figure of speech. But lately Putin has started to share with journalists (more openly than during the previous years of his presidency) not emotions, but his plans.

Russian troops who stormed the Headquarters of the Ukrainian South Navy Base wereactually hiding behindwomen and children. And just in case he can’t get women anymore, Aksenov’s “militias” should step in to ensure the safety of Russian soldiers.

Of course, the building is outfitted with a Staff tractor (hopefully, it is not the same tractor that…

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1 thought on “Vitaly Portnikov: Putin’s Human Shield

  1. Listen to me… listen to me carefully. I want you to understand me, unequivocally. If we make this decision, it is only for the defense of Ukrainian citizens. And let any one of their military personnel shoot at their own people whom… behind whom we will stand. Not in front. But behind. Let them try to shoot at women and children. And I will look at those who will give such an order in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, Press conference on the situation in Ukraine, Moscow, 4.3.2014.

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