General Prosecutor’s office announces more false rumors being spread by Russian special services in Crimea

Recently, there have been several media reports about the alleged dissolution of Crimean Ukrainian Army units and instances of holding military personnel criminally liable for treason.

This is false information prepared in advance by the Russian special services in order to further destabilize the situation in Crimea and undermine the morale of the Ukrainian military, reports, citing an announcement by the General Prosecutor’s press service.

The report says that despite the enormous pressure from the self-proclaimed government of Crimea and Russian military units occupying Crimea, the Ukrainian military in Crimea is honorably carrying out tasks set forth by Ukraine’s leadership and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Directorate of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecutors overseeing legal compliance in the military sphere deeply appreciate the principled position of the military personnel who continue to carry out official duties with dignity despite the occupation of the Crimean peninsula by Russian Federation forces, and assert that no soldier who has been faithful to the military oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state will be held criminally liable.


Translated by Alya Shandra, edited by Robin Rohrback

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