How history repeats itself – Russia’s Lebensraum…

Russia’s Lebensraum – History Repeats Itself

Voices of Ukraine

“Dedicated to the departed Vaclav Havel… a writer, a humanist, a dissident, a prisoner, a human rights activist, a diplomat and a human being who managed to stand tall against Russian aggression in all its forms… Fighting with his pen and non-violence.

A moral compass that helped newly-born Czechoslovakia to rebuild.”

How history repeats itself –
Russia’s Lebensraum…

By Farouk Mogheth
03.20.2014 14:51
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

“An old man who says he was born in Austria-Hungary, went to school in Czechoslovakia, married in Hungary, worked most of his life in the Soviet Union and now lives in Ukraine. “Traveled a lot, then?” asks his interviewer. “No, I never moved from Uzhorod.”

This is not a riddle but a representation of history and geopolitics in Central and Eastern Europe. I am a Czech citizen (35) and the above could be something my grandmother would have said as she was…

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