Russian military detained at Donetsk border crossing

Border guards at the Donetsk rail crossing for the Ilovaysk  train connection detained seven Russian military personnel on Saturday evening, March 22, reports the State Border Service of Ukraine on its website.

During inspections and interviews conducted on the 142 train with connections to Yekaterinburg–Simferopol, officers of the Ukrainian Air Force “Ilovaysk” unit together with members of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk Oblast discovered seven citizens of the Russian Federation in the various compartments who indicated different purposes for their trip to Ukraine.

During inspections it was determined that all were members of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation who tried to hide this fact in order to enter the territory of Ukraine.

“Russian military personnel hid their uniforms and duffel bags in rolled up mattresses and under bed linens and blankets. The detainees were 20-21 years of age,” the border service website reports.

All the detainees–military personnel under contract with the 810 separate brigade of marines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation–were returning to their place of deployment at the 13140 unit in Sevastopol from Volzhsky in the Russian Federation, where they took part in intensive military and survival training.

“Due to false information the Russian military personnel provided on the purpose of their trip, it has been decided to ban their entry into the territory of our country for three years,” the Ukrainian website statement concludes.


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