Russian State Duma to the Polish Foreign Ministry: let’s divide Ukraine


Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received an official letter from the State Duma of the Russian Federation with a proposal to divide Ukraine’s territory. The news comes from the Wiadomości news program on TVP1 (the Polish state broadcasting company).

Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposes that Poland insist on holding a referendum in five western Ukrainian Oblasts: Volyn, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Rivne, on the matter of accession to Poland.

Hungary and Romania received a similar ‘offer’ regarding Zakarpattya and Chernivtsi oblasts. Only the central oblasts of Ukraine were to remain within its boundaries.

The letter is ‘bizarre’

The Polish Foreign Ministry has assessed the letter as ‘bizarre’. Vladimir Zhirinovskiy will receive a courteous response without reference to the content of his letter.

This Russian politician, known for his controversial statements, has previously called for the partition of Ukraine from the rostrum of the State Duma. “Kyiv  will never agree to the federalization of Ukraine, as it is no longer able to govern anything,” he said then. Zhirinovskiy stressed that Ukraine’s attempts to build a state always ended in failure. He remarked that “Lutsk, Lviv, Ternopil are Polish lands.”

Source: „Wiadomości” TVP1

Translated by Alya Shandra, edited by James Hydzik


33 thoughts on “Russian State Duma to the Polish Foreign Ministry: let’s divide Ukraine

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  3. Well these lands were stolen from their origin countries by stalin and are surely not rightfully within ukrainian border should be given back .People in Ukraine earns 40 euro per month .There are still living lot of poles Hungarians and Romanians.Almost 500000 Ukrainians work in Poland all from those regions stolen by soviets and in hungary as well so is no harm for return these land .Does not matter majority are Ukrainians I would no be surprised if voting would support more than 60% for joining eu countries

    • I am not insane He told abolutely true statement. Over 90 % people from interested countries wants get these lands back. Ukraine is not even developing there is a chance for people living there for better life.. What ukraine achieved last 20 years?If would large part of your country be anexxed by another you do not want it back?This is not partition just return of lands to true owners Does any countries wants kiev? no,Polish government for example are idiots they completely do not represent opinion of the polish community

      • You are not a good person Tomasz. Ukrainians have a right to their country, language and culture. Splitting up a sovereign nation just because you don’t like the Ukrainian people? Burn in hell!

      • When the wealth of the country gets stolen by the Russian regime for 20 years there is not much you can do about it. Hence the current situation when the nation stood up to that pathetic Russian and Russian backed thieving and murderous regime. Russia has historically raped, pillaged all neighboring nations of wealth, labor, arts etc for their own good and still is a rust bucket third world country, look a bit further then their propaganda – how many russians live a western life. maybe the top 5 % of their thieves the rest is total rubbish

      • So will Poland give Gdansk and parts of Eastern Poland back to Germany, too? After all, would people rather live in Poland, or the EU powerhouse, Germany?

      • Gdansk wroclaw elblag opole stettin all parts west Poland previousley within german border can not be cosidered here as germany started and lost ww2 can you imaagine how much money germany should pay for repair all harms damages destroyed cities towns milion poles lost their lives these lands is the smallest price germany paid for war.If Poland would give them bill all east germany would equal that..My granny lived in Gdansk before the ww2 poles lived there as well

  4. Moreover, even if we were to throw our basic human decency through the window and behave as savage, as Russia belives we are, stealing western Ukraine still would be suicide for Poland. All we would get, is teritory with hostile population. In exchange for these “gains” we would sacrifice our position in western world, and an ally between us and Russia (we can’t have either). Not to mention a possibility of having to deal with another UPA. So yes, great granddad, if you were alive – sorry, but eastern borderlands ain’t coming back.

    • Thank you. The Ukrainian people thanks you. We have independence and if it’s lost we will be hostile. The world would not look favorably on any country who takes a part of Ukraine.

      • Hey Emil,

        I’m Romanian and although Chernivtsi (Northern Bucovina for us) was part of Romania up until 1940, that region now has a population (albeit also with Romanians in it) that are mainly Ukrainian and which support your country’s’ cultural heritage and values.

        What I’m trying to say is this: As a Romanian, I would not encourage any land grab by my country or any other neighboring country of yours for that matter (not even Russia).

        Hope you people make it through this. 🙂

  5. Might I also add that, contrary to what my ill begotten compatriot is claiming, I am yet to see a Pole who would support what Russia is doing. Those like him, who apear to hate Ukrainians for whatever convoluted reason their ultra-nationalistic minds came up with, are few, far between, and typically hate Russia even more. Best wishes from Poland, good luck to you, guys, and to hell with Russia!

  6. I am kinda skeptic about this, I would say it’s a political trick made by russia. In my opinion those lands belonged to Poland and should belong to Poland, they got taken away from us, stolen by stalin in Yalta, but now those areas are full of Ukrainian people, and forcing them to become Polish or expel them would be wrong, even if 90% would vote in favor to join Poland, I would still be a little disappointed with the gaining of our old territories, because it would mean taking away territory from a country that is already being robbed, and we know how it feels to be in a situation in which you get invaded by different countries and then ripped into little pieces which are given away to the invaders.

  7. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is and has always been in Poland considered a fool and a jester. So, let’s laugh and sing together: Hej, sokoły, На Зеленій Україні 🙂

  8. I think mrs Zhirinowsky send this letter because Putin wants to discraditate Poland and Europe in Ukrainians eyes and push this country back into russian influance. Poland since 2004 has been act as a Ukrainian representative in EU. We shouted most loudly to convince other members that Ukraine is needed in NATO becouse it separate Us (Poland and rest of the Europe ) from Russian Imperialism. We always know that Putin and his Russia is a copy of Imperial State but till now some of EU and US politicians was charmed by Putin (Obama, Chancellor Schreoder) Few years ago if someone would told that Putin builds an empire every allknowing jurnalist or politician would call him a madman .Where are now people who were telling that NATO is no more needed in the age of “peace” and “democracy” in Europe. Ofcourse as Polish i agree that cities as Lwow ,or Stanislawow was fully Polish cities before WW2. and my heart is broken because they are not in our Borders. I think French could not live without Marsille or Leon. Nowadays borders of Poland were created artificially by one of the most bloody tyrant of XX century – Stalin. But even though I think it is not good idea to take part in partition. Completely not beneficial for Poland. All Poles who lived there were killed by Ukrainians in 40;’ ( 1941-1945 Stepan Bandera and his fascist ukrainian band kill over 120-180 thousand of Polish civilians in Volhynia) rest was resettled to Silesia so all polish social structures of this land was destroyed . Now there is living 90% of Ukrainians. Appart of demographics these lands are backward – compered with rest of poland even the poorest provinces . We have more important things to do than sinking our money in west ukraine- now we are modernazing our army which is very costly. we combine military infrastructure and industry ,we are planning to build nuclear power plant and LNG terminal in Szczecin – these are our top priorities to invest and gaining some backward prowinces with unprodactive people would be more a nightmear than a dream. I think Ukrainians should start seriously think about theirs county future. Because your state and your policy is very unstable ,weak and dependent on Russia. If you will miss that chance ,where all international opinion is focus on your problem and is pro-ukrainian, you can never got second chance again ,if West get used to thinking that ukraine is depend and practically is a part of Russia ,that will be catastrophic for you. Ukrainians should read about Poland of XVIII century. We was depend on Russia too ,we had our chance in 1719 when the highiest imperial and royal courts was ready to force Russia to back with its troops to its terietories. We missed that chance. Russia forced nobility to elect kings (Poland was weak, elective monarchy) who were dependent on Russia – Effect – 3 partitions of Poland 1772,1793,1795- Poland dissapeared. So if you don’t wanna dissapear and end-up like we did you should avoid extremists who say that Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia was practically nothing bad and Bandera is your national hero (what we should think about germans if they would be building monuments in memory of Hitler). Because if Poles turn back on you ,then Europe will do the same., since nobody but Poles made this case more familiar to western press and made your case international.So if you loose european support then everybody will agree with Putin and your country will be devided and you will be under protectorate of Russia. And remember that if you will be not mentioned in Press everybody in the West will soon forgot that there is such a country as Ukraine like they forgot about Haiti , Tybet and few other places in the world.

    • Wow. Read what you wrote and maybe you’ll understand why Rzeczpospolita lost most of Ukraine in a series of bloody uprisings. If I was Ukrainian, I’d rather want to spit you in the eye, not listen to your lectures.
      Whatever valid points you had are buried in an avalanche of self-serving, contemptuous buffoonery.
      Fortunately, our strategic policies are not decided upon via a shouting contest.

      • I would not name my points valid. Only stupid man don’t take a lesson from history. I think you will agree with me that Ukraine wasted its 20 years of independance And i wanna remaind you that Poland as first country in the world recognized Ukrainian independance and borders , while the west didn’t know how to act when USSR collapsed. Poland supported orange revolution ( which turned up, unfounatly, a great dissapointement, both for Ukrainians and Poles) while the others didn’t really know what it is about – We knew that Yanukowycz is dependent on Russia. We are responsible in EU of east policy(Eastern Partnership – Poland and Sweden built it) of EU and we tried to tie Ukraine with the West. So i don’t think i’m buffon – you are just ignorrant , and you dont know a thing about Polish and the EU’s foreign policy. And now about history. Why Germans choosen Hitler.? Before 1929 hitler’s book – Mein Kampf – was read only by ca. 20000 Germans. After the crisis started in 1933 few milions of germans was reading the words of Adolf and vote for him in democratic elections in 1933. So if there is a big crisis people of Ukraine could go extreme. Who then will support the new III Reich. I think Putin would be happy because he could “prove ” everyone that his policy was the right one. And I think somone who tell me that massacre in Volhynia was not big thing then he is crazy. Don’t you ? If not i feel sorry for you. How would you feel if Germans would start to telling that holocaust was a not big thing?!. I dont wanna say that most of Ukrainians are nationalist , I have few frieds among them. But i see the danger. If crisis will continue then people can go crazy. it is simple rule in every society not only in Germany or Ukraine.. And about polish history. In ukraine most of peole in power are corrupted olligarchs who cares only about being rich. Poland in XVIII century was really a confederation of magnats estates – corrupted and taking care only about they fortunes. – Both states depend on good or bad will of Russia. Catherine II the Great decided to devide Poland only becouse she was not able any more to keep it for herself in one piece. – If you dont see conclusins then i dont know how i schold write it down. .

      • Now ? I don’t really know how they should act. I think the mistake was that they start theirs revolution haveing at the same time strong Russia with Putin as theirs neighbour . It was clear that Mr. Putinn will not allow Ukraine to escape. When we (Poles) was under the russian shoe we had organised few insurections and all of them failed( Because Russia was strong). We was reborn only becouse Germany , Austro-Hungary and Russian Empie collapsed in 1918. In recent 25 years we got our independence again only because USSR was weak and started to disintegrate. First of all they( Ukrainians) had got their chance in 1990’s and in 2004 when Putin’s Russia was not strong enough to crush orange revolution. Now ,after Yanukowycz reign, Putin get used to beeing a true “lord” of Ukraine , because in that period ukraine was de facto vassal state of Russia. Did they really thought that Putin will just let Ukraine go?. They could wait till next elections or till some crisis in Russia. The sad thing is that Oligarchy in Poland truelly collapsed when the state was devided among neighbours , but that was end of XVIII century so i don’t wanna say that ukrainian oligarchy will collapse only if Ukraine disappear from the maps of Europe . But i dont really see a solution how they gonna manage this problem after the crisis ( if only the crisis will end and if Ukraine get free from Russian hands ,which is not certain) I believe if nothing is changed in Russia ,Ukraine is sentenced to failure. Now Mr Ławrow talks about federalisation – if Ukrainians will accept this proposition Ukraine become fully not working state, depending on good will of its neigbours. – and that the main purpose of Putin – make ukraine not able to stand on its own feet , make the country valid and always depend on Russia. Many of us can think “what is wrong about federalisation” But we also must remember that Ukraine is not US. or Germany . Federalised Ukraine will be group of principalties owned by local oligarchs with no central governing , no income , no real army (which is now in very bad shape) – Fully failed state -easy cace to eat in future.

  9. its a nice plan we could take Lwow ,Tarnopol, Stanislawow

    but rowne and wolyn

    nope give it to Belarus

    ofc our Jewish government wont allow it

    because poland isn’t ruled by poles but by jewish puppets

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