Russian troops near Ukraine could reach Transdnistria – NATO

ImageMonday, March, 24, 2014, 17:32

The Russian troops concentrated near the Ukrainian border are numerous enough to get to Transdnistria. CNN reports that the news comes from Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Bridlov.

The general expressed his concern that the army focused on the border with Ukraine can pose a threat to Transdnistria and Moldova. “(The Russian) forces located on the eastern border with Ukraine are very large and in full readiness,” said Bridlov. “There’s absolutely enough troops on the eastern border of Ukraine to reach Transdnistria – if such a decision is taken – and it is very disturbing,” – he said.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated that the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is very high, because the Russian troops have withdrawn from the border, but have not returned to their bases.

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