Kharkiv residents demonstrate for a united Ukraine


More than 2,000 people gathered in Kharkiv late Tuesday, March 25, with Ukrainian flags and other national symbols near the Taras Shevchenko monument in the city center, reports Ukrinform.

People shouted “For a united Ukraine, including Crimea!” and “No to separatism.”

“We’re tired of having Kharkiv called a pro-Russian city, of hearing reports that people are walking around with Russian flags, said journalist Volodymyr Chystylin, one of the organizers, from the podium. “Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city no matter how much the political tourist are trying to present the reverse. We’re calling for a single, united Ukraine and against separatism and the Russian annexation of Crimea. Our main goal is to bring these ideas to our countrymen. Our Euromaidan has served this purpose for four months since it was first founded, ” he concluded.

Joining him at the podium were representatives of various civic organizations in the city: Zelenyy Front (Green Front), Samooborona (Self Defense) , Hromadska Varta (Civil Guard) and Euromaidan-SOS

Participants also established a fundraiser to help Ukrainian border guards and military personnel. According to Kharkiv resident Ivan Serebrennikov, a retired officer, the military especially need night vision equipment, radios, supplies of fuel and lubricants. The collected funds will be used to purchase these items, he said.

The Kharkiv citizens filmed their appeal to the International Community.



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