Revival of The National Security & Defense Council of Ukraine: what should have been done yesterday, what must be done today.

How to Revive the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine (hint: it’s urgent)!

Voices of Ukraine

By Oleksandr Leonov,
Executive Director of Center for Applied Political Studies “Penta”
03.24.2014,  for Khvylya
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: Flot2017

The events in Crimea, in the southeast of Ukraine, and on the political Olympus are causing more and more emotional reactions. Under these circumstances, a frantic search for answers to the eternal Russian questions of “who is to blame?” and “what to do?” will hardly have a serious impact on the situation. It is easy to become a Captain Obvious [while] answering these questions – suggesting that those in power “take appropriate measures” to ensure proper functioning of a system that has been deliberately and severely destroyed over the last decade.

In the case of the RNBO[U] (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine), we must not forget that its main tasks include operational and analytical support of governmental authorities, and strategic planning. Under current…

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