Hitler’s Helpers in Crimea – The Past and the Present (analysis by Delta Section / Information Resistance)

The real facts & figures about Hitler’s Helpers in Crimea–Past and Present

Voices of Ukraine

By Information Resistance group, Delta section.
Based on research by Myroslav Mamchak.
24.03.2014  09:35
Sources: https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk/posts/473544369440890

Recently, thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that brilliant follower in Adolf Hitler’s footsteps, those Ukrainian citizens who believe that their Motherland is Ukraine (as opposed to Russia or the Soviet Union), are automatically declared to be “Banderites” and “Neo-Nazis.”

What is the reason behind the fact that, starting from the 2000’s, our so-called “brothers” brand all Ukrainian patriots, as well as any Ukrainians who don’t feel part of the “Russian world,” as “Banderites,” “fascist helpers,” etc.? Why does Comrade Putin have so much hatred for the people who struggled for the independence of their country against everyone – the Germans, the Red Army, the Soviet partisans? Perhaps because in this particular Nazi’s plans, there is no room for an independent Ukraine, just as there was no room for it in Hitler’s.


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