Voices of the Revolution: Patriotism (now)

Ukrainian Patriotism Today – because actions speak louder than words.

Voices of Ukraine


By Roman Donik
3.19.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=711635735535057&set=a.287642224601079.73288.100000659128651

Today, patriotism means something completely different to me than patriotism did even a month ago.

Today, patriotism for me is a girl from occupied Bakhchisaray who cries because the blocked Privat [bank] system won’t allow her to send money for heating pads for airborne troops.

This guy, who brings tricked-out binoculars given to him by his parents for his birthday.

These are handmade boots, which cost someone an arm and a leg. There are only three of them in all of the city of Kharkiv, waiting to be delivered in a care package to checkpoints.

Patriotism is when I receive a phone call from an unknown number: “We are at the checkout line in the supermarket and saw socks at a good price, should we take 30?”

Patriorism is the Barabashov small business owner, running around…

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