Kremlin’s Gremlins: pro-Russian trolls have Kremlin IP addresses

We well know that the World Wide Web has been used for a long time as a tool to manipulate public opinion, as has been demonstrated in the past with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. But never before has the manipulation reached such a level as the Kremlin has taken it to for the past few years.

The Saint Petersburg Times describes how they uncovered a troll operation aimed at political opponents and American politics, culture, and way of life.

Local reporters infiltrated a covert organisation hiring people to blog and attack opponents

These Internet agencies are numerous, and a journalist talked to one coordinator who explained with an example of the the work they do.

Navalny is the Hitler of our time

Most of the sites with a large number of members see these trolls appearing in blogs and forums.

One of our contributors, a firearms expert who helped identify firearms used on Maidan and who is a member of a world-famous site for anything related to shooting, Accurate Reloading, has been keeping the other site members informed about the situation in Ukraine since last December, when he started a thread in the forum for politics.

The first trolls immediately appeared in the #РуссоФашисто Ukraine. Breaking news. discussion thread, and attacks began immediately.

Since all information was verified before being posted, more viewers came to read, and the trolls were unable to sully the author’s name, as he is well known for his expertise in this community. The Gremlins changed their modus operandi and opened 55 other threads related to Ukraine, where they spread RT and other Russian ‘news’ propaganda. They tried unsuccessfully to divert readers from the main thread.

A few days ago, new trolls appeared, using the usual suspects’ modus operandi of not answering or addressing the issue under discussion, but repeating the official Kremlin propaganda ad nauseam while some of their supporters were carrying on the old method of spamming the board with multiple threads opened daily.

Some of the IP’s routes were traced back and surprisingly, but not very much so, one of the routes traced back indicated a server located inside the Kremlin.

Here is the evidence that the head of disinformation campaign resides in the Kremlin.
See the screen capture.



4 thoughts on “Kremlin’s Gremlins: pro-Russian trolls have Kremlin IP addresses

  1. Here is another method of the Trolls, on FB, a different way that disinformation is being promoted, I’m not sure if these FB-id’s are genuine or not but one of my FB-friends posted it as true. I followed the trail back to the ‘EnlightenedPlanet’ group which may always have been pro-putin, not sure, but they seem to be promoting him now. Maybe some experts can back track the trail further. Check FB for –
    (………This is the very nice letter she posted, just a guess, could be on lots of FB-Id’s.)
    My friend from Russia/Ukraine has asked me to translate her little story she wrote about what really happened in Ukraine. She and her family WITNESSED IT.
    Thank you, Aleksandr Maria, for your input in spreading the word of truth around the world!!!
    “Hello! We live in the city of Simferopol, Ukraine. Want to talk a little bit about the referendum held on March 16 , 2014 and resulted in the Crimea became part of Russia .
    It is no secret that an informational war is being conducted against Russia today. Media, especially the Ukrainian, presents the information in such a way so the majority of world population formed the negative attitude towards Russians. The official media insists verywhere that Russia is the aggressor that wants to take over the territory of Ukraine, which declared war. IT’S NOT TRUE! It is also the fact that the referendum in Crimea was held by force, ” at a gunpoint .”
    Prior to the referendum, we asked all our friends and acquaintances : ” Will you go to the referendum ? You will vote for accession of Ukrain to Russia ? “. And every one of those we asked responded in the same way: “Sure , we’ll go . Yes , we will vote for Russia . ” Yes, not all of them like Putin and his policies . BUT! It ‘s better than the power that is now in Kiev!
    It would require a separate and very long explaination to tell you about what kind of personalities got in to the government today and how they obtained their power…
    On March 16th, the day of the referendum , at the polling stations were crowded with many people waiting from 08.00am (as soon as the polls were opened) in long lines . Why? People were afraid not to have time to vote. They feared that the enemies of accession of Ukrain to Russia might shut off the light or perform any other provocative actions. However, nothing happened, and the voting was completed on time and without incidents. Results announced on March 17 are as follows:
    – To join Russia voted 96.77 % of the Crimea and Sevastopol (1 million 233 thousand 2 people)
    – For the recognition of Crimea as a part of Ukraine voted 2.51 % of voters ( 31 000 997 people )
    – 0.72 % more ballots declared invalid.
    One can certainly speculate (as he current power in Kiev did!) that the data has been tampered . Possible . However, what I am telling you what I have seen with my own eyes in my city!
    Here’s what we saw:
    – Half the city of Simferopol is covered with Russian flags. Not only on the administrative building, no. The Russian flags are on the roofs of markets and shops, streetlights , balconies and windows of residential homes, private cars and taxis , not to mention the flags in the hands of the ordinary people . Some motorists even cover the Ukrainian flag icon on the licence plates of their cars with the flag of Russia.
    – Before the voting results have not yet been officially announced, on the night from 16 to 17 March, the city had not slept and partied all night. Crowds of people were everywhere ! Everyone was cheering , singing, dancing. Fireworks heard from everywhere! The passing cars with Russian flags were honking to each other …
    What we witnessed can be compared to the celebration of our favorite holidays – the New Year’s Eve and May 9 (Victory Day – victory in the WW2)!
    All this can be the best evidence of the fact that most people really want to join Russia ! Well, so many people can not physically intimidate or bribe money machine guns ! That’s just ridiculous !
    In conclusion, we want to say that we personally support joining Russia and glad it happened. We are realists and understand that it certainly will not be fine all at once. But it will not be worse than now. Because things cannot get any worse!”
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    No mention of the illegality of the referendum, the fixed voting figures, censorship of media, tortures, beatings, of the Tatar’s having their land taken, of blackmail to change passports for Russian and much else besides; the supposed letter reads like a fairytale.

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