Voices of Russia: Former Professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations

Former Russian Professor on Resigning…

Voices of Ukraine

By Ela Kolesnikowa
03.25.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ela.kolesnikowa/posts/731631453524005

1546146_731644656856018_307795081_nI don’t work at MGIMO [Moscow State Institute of International Relations] any more.

And this is good news.

Now, the bad news: Today I saw with my own eyes what the people of my generation only know from memoirs or memories of their parents, as well as people of their generation.

I came much earlier than my lecture was scheduled so that I could write my letter of resignation. The department Chair signed it without saying anything. I could tell he was expecting this from his reaction. I still had an hour, so I went outside. When I came back and went to the department to hang my jacket in the coat closet, the department Chair, a lab assistant and two colleagues were sitting at the table. I said hello. Actually I only greeted the two colleagues because I had already seen the…

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