Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us.

Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us!

Voices of Ukraine

"The Revolution Still Is" “Revolution Continues”

By Roman Donik
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I am not justifying or blaming anyone.
I will attempt to view [the situation in Crimea] from the position of a Russian speaking-Ukrainian nationalist in an emotionless way. From the position of a person who is concerned about the revival and formation of the country. For the liberation of Ukraine from its Soviet legacy and Russian dominance.
From the position of a person who stood on Maidan for the good. Like thousands of others. Like millions who support the revolution.
As someone who wants to see Ukraine become a truly independent, developed and flourishing [country].

I’m very disheartened that people who 20 years ago were enraptured with the heroes of the revolution such as Kotovski, ComradeArtem, Shchors and others, are now suddenly throwing labels around.
Gangs, gangsters, extortionists, looters, etc. Let’s not forget history.
And without sentences and verdicts. History will evaluate [them].
Until the revolution…

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