Presidential elections: 38 candidates have submitted documents to the CEC

March 30, 2014. Based on preliminary data, only 23 documents packages out of those submitted by the presidential candidates meet requirements

38 documents packages have been submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (the CEC) for registering presidential candidates in the early elections. However, only 23 of these meet all requirements, the CEC Press Service reports [update: as of March 31, 24 of the packages meet requirements – ed]. 

“As of today, the CEC has received 38 sets of documents from those wishing to participate in the early presidential elections in Ukraine, which will be held on May 25, 2014. Unfortunately, some candidates have filed only a statement without a photo and confirmation of deposit amounting to 2,5 million UAH. Thus, out of 38 document packages (if those can be referred to as such), only 23 meet requirements,” said Kostyantyn Hyvrenko, Head of the Press Center. According to him, this data has been available as of 2:00 p.m. on March, 30.

The CEC informed that registration of presidential candidates will continue till April 4. March 30 was also the last day of the period for the documents submission to the CEC for registration.

The CEC reports that today Volodymyr Saranov and Valeriy Konovalyuk have been registered as candidates. Politically unaffiliated Saranov is the Head of Interagroexport Company. Konovalyuk has been previously the Labor Ukraine party leader. Then in 2007, when the Labor Ukraine had decided to join the Party of Regions, Konovalyuk had been enlisted in the upper part of electoral list of the latter. Currently he does not belong to any political party.

Previously Mykhailo Dobkin (former governor of Kharkiv, the Party of Regions), Serhiy Tihipko (MP, Party of Regions), Vadym Rabinovych (President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress), Yuriy Boyko (former Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Party of Regions) and Renat Kuzmin (former Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) had been registered.

Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Alya Shandra




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