Russia’s Proposed Plan for Ukraine

Ukrainian political strategist Taras Berezovets published the following action plan reportedly proposed by Russia for Ukraine.

“There are reports that Russia has prepared for Ukraine the following plan, which, according to the Kremlin’s conception, should be supported by the US and the European Union:

1) Adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine, which would affirm Ukraine’s neutral status. Ukraine officially rejects prospects of membership in EU and NATO.

2) Crimea is declared a demilitarized zone, with ALL military personnel, including the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, removed from its territory. Additionally, not a single Ukrainian military service person should remain there.

3) Following the removal of troops, a new independent referendum on the status of Crimea is held. Based on its results, it is proposed to introduce a dual Ukrainian-Russian administration of the peninsula.

4) Ukraine agrees to becoming a federation. Russian language becomes the second state language.

5) Moratorium on the presidential and the parliamentary elections in Ukraine through December 2014.”


Translated by: Olga Ruda

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