Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – March 30, 2014

The good, the bad, and they day’s military summary from Dmitry Tymchuk of Information Resistance!

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Brothers and sisters!

Here’s the summary for March 30 (for the summary from the previous day, see Summary of March 29).

The bad news:

1. It has been reported that hundreds of families of Ukrainian servicemen that are currently serving in Crimea, are unable to leave the peninsula – they basically have no money.

We found out that the situation is truly complicated. In response to our claim in the Ministry of Defense, they informed us that all these issues were currently being taken care of. As in, they developed a booking system for railway tickets. However, assisting those servicemen who have their own vehicles and would like to leave in them by themselves is really difficult.

In general, for obvious reasons, the servicemen leave for mainland Ukraine in any way possible, without waiting for help…

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Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have detained two suspects in the shootings of Maidan protesters

According to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, a preliminary report on the investigation of mass murders in the center of Kyiv will be published on 3 April 2014.

Law enforcement officers have detained the first suspects in the shooting of protesters in Kyiv on 18-20 February 2014, said Interior Minister Arsen Avakov today [30 March 2014]. Continue reading

Putin’s propaganda. Is Russia returning to the 1930s?

Photo from Euromaidan Art & Graphics

Photo from Euromaidan Art & Graphics

By Robert van Voren

He was tense, and rightly so. A few days ago Lev Shlozberg, member of the council of the Pskov region, stood up and addressed a silent audience. They all listened in awe. He attacked the prevailing mood in Russia, comparing the attacks on “people’s traitors” and the mass patriotic hysteria with the atmosphere in the 1930s under Stalin. And if that was not enough, he continued to expose the corruption in the governor’s office, the deal and tricks that allowed the ruling class to enrich itself and keep the rest of the population in poverty. “These are the real people’s traitors,” he said, “these are the people that ruin our country.”

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Sevastopol students sing Ukrainian anthem while Russian flag is raised – VIDEO


In Crimea, students of the Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry ignored the anthem and flag of the Russian Federation.

On Friday, March 28, in Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry a ceremony of lowering the national flag of Ukraine and the rise of the flag of Russia was held. During the removal of the national flag of Ukraine a significant portion of the students started singing the national anthem of Ukraine and continued singing it without music after it was hurriedly off soundtrack. During the further procedure of lifting the Russian flag and playing the national anthem of the Russian Federation, dozens of students ostentatiously left the parade ground. Continue reading

Cowgirl battalion will protect Ukraine from Russian invasion – MUSIC VIDEO with English subs

The Ukrainian music group “Lisapetniy battalion” has filmed a new clip to the music of Natalia Falion – “Come on, you old broads”. In the video the “battalion” members are ready to protect the country in case of war with Russia.


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Germans of Ukraine against Russian intervention


Уповноважений уряду ФРН з питань переселенців та нацменшин Гартмут Кошик

German Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Resettlers and National Minorities, Hartmut Koschyk MP


The German minority in Ukraine is not under any threat, says the German Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Resettlers and National Minorities, Hartmut Koschyk MP, as reported on the Ukrainian language Deutsche Welle website on March 30.

Germany specifically denies the recent statement by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that “Hungarians, Czechs and Germans are complaining to their governments that they find it uncomfortable to live in Ukraine.”

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