Lev Shlosberg Addressing Governor Andrey Turchak About the Real Enemies of Pskov Oblast, Russia

A few days ago Lev Shlosberg, member of the council of the Pskov region, stood up and addressed a silent audience. They all listened in awe. He attacked the prevailing mood in Russia, comparing the attacks on “people’s traitors” and the mass patriotic hysteria with the atmosphere in the 1930s under Stalin. And if that was not enough, he continued to expose the corruption in the governor’s office, the deal and tricks that allowed the ruling class to enrich itself and keep the rest of the population in poverty. “These are the real people’s traitors,” he said, “these are the people that ruin our country.”

Dear colleagues. Over the last week, in our country and namely in Pskov oblast, the high-ranking government officials, including the acting governor, for the first time in decades, spoke about the enemies of the society, of the enemies Russia, about the fifth column and the traitors. This attempt to restore dictatorship means that the country turns into a machine eager to destroy those who think differently. This is a disturbing fact, because resurrecting the former repression matrix demonstrates that the Russian government is on the way to destroy those who dare to disagree.

Our country paid a heavy price for such attempts in the past. It looks like there are those who would like to do it all over again. The current events could be described as mass government insanity. Each person chooses whom to follow, what to say, and to what advocate for. Some will think that these things are insignificant, that it doesn’t matter if a person participates in bullying, lies and badmouthing, as long as he will claim to be clueless afterwards, and washes his hands. But this time you won’t be able to wash your hands, history does not forgive such things.

In his statement about the ‘fifth column’, delivered on March 19, 2014, the acting governor Andrey Turchak not only voiced his own (or somebody else’s) lie. He posed a challenge. He challenged not only me personally, but everybody in Pskov who can critically appraise the events and actions of the government, just because it is an inalienable right of every citizen. This challenge was dropped openly, and it is a direct threat to those who disagree with the authorities and speak up publicly, to protect the society from the government’s violence and despotism.

On behalf of all these independent thinkers with self-esteem, who did not lose themselves to this psychotic atmosphere, I speak to you, Mr. Acting Governor Andrey Anatolyevich. I know you will hear my words. I declare, I accept the challenge. All the attempts to name and claim the enemies of the Pskov oblast are aimed to turn people’s minds to the artificially fabricated myths and fears, to divert them from the real national tragedy, – that is the economic crash of the Pskov oblast to the point of seizing to exist as an independent region. Today I name the real enemies and point out the real treason of the Pskov oblast. And what is the real treason.

Budget bankruptcy of the Pskov oblast is treason.
Stealing from the budget is treason.
Bringing in the companies affiliated with the Pskov bureaucrats to the Pskov oblast is treason.
Hundreds of millions of giveaways from the budget to the companies that destroy the environment of the region, roduce dangerous to the human lives products, and evade taxes is treason.
Taking the illegally privatized businesses off-shore is treason.
Spending hundreds of millions for the PR campaigns of the officials while the citizens are marginally and perpetually poor is treason.
De-facto elimination of the local governance able to support local processes is treason.
Destroying two thirds of the hospitals as self-sufficient medical institutions is treason.
Total corruption in the real estate sphere and attracting financial ‘vacuum cleaners’ to it is treason.
This one is very important. Turning the media sphere of Pskov into a scrapyard with the anonymous rats preying and feeding on the budget is treason.
Promoting xenophobia and radical nationalism, harassment and defamation, practically beginning a cold civil war in Pskov oblast is treason.
Turning government mass media into the tools of lies and fabrication, when a maligned person cannot receive any answers is treason.
I would like to directly address the acting governor of the Pskov oblast, Mr. Turchak. Things that you do and say these days disgrace your status. It is shameful and discrediting to the mission of the governor’s office. We lived on this land before you, we have a misfortune to live here while your reign, and we will remain here after you. You are an outsider to this land. This land is alien to you. You are the fifth column to this land. On March 19, you publicly lied to the citizens of the Pskov oblast. Since that time, nine days passed. You had far more than 24 hours to apologize or at least feel that you
have done something wrong, dishonest, and to stop, and to leash your dogs, take a break and think.
But I am sure you have not considered such a possibility. You enjoy doing what you are doing. This gives you strange pleasure. This is the crash of humanity in you, Mr. Andrey Turchak. This cannot be rewritten, because the history has no drafts. I submit a clam to the General Prosecution of the Russian Federation to initiate a criminal case against the acting governor of the Pskov oblast Andrey Turchak on the grounds of defamation.
Mr. Turchak will have to either provide the evidence to substantiate his allegations, or face the court. Thank you.
Translated by Oksana Sudoma, edited by Alya Shandra

6 thoughts on “Lev Shlosberg Addressing Governor Andrey Turchak About the Real Enemies of Pskov Oblast, Russia

  1. Mr Shlosberg I commend you and pray the Most High “Czar” of the universe will keep you and all who can see what is really happening to your beloved Russia safe from the tyranny you speak about. May God bless you. David Swanson, a concerned citizen of state of Georgia, United States.

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  3. The greatest respect and thank you! You’re a hero, just like (the US citizen) Snowden seemingly acting in the best interest of the global 99% which are still controlled by dumbminding, but who knows. In difference to Stalin, everything a public criminal does today is recorded forever in the internet with easy access – so anything the court needs is prepared, pending only the trial date. I wonder what utility calculation any public criminal really can make given these non-Stalin circumstances of todays world. Praise you – continue to speak out and inform, speak english for the world too.

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