Known Russian Fascist Aleksandr Dugin Instructs Ukrainian Separatists

Aleksandr Dugin, Known Russian Fascist, Instructs Separatist Groups in Ukraine.

Voices of Ukraine

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


An intercepted Skype videocall, in which Kremlin political strategist Aleksandr Dugin instructs separatists of the Southeast of Ukraine, appeared on the Internet, according to the Internet edition of BY24.ORG. The video recording of the conversation between Aleksandr Dugin, Sociology professor at the MSU, who is close to the Putin administration, with the wife of Pavlo Gubarev detained by the SBU appeared on the internet on March 29, 2014 and became a hit among Ukrainian web users in less than a day.

The Kremlin political analyst Dugin has reassured Kateryna Gubareva (she is temporarily acting on behalf of her husband among Donetsk separatists) about Moscow’s support. He later instructed her what further actions should be initiated by pro-Russian extremists in the Southeast of Ukraine.

According to Dugin, the primary directive of Moscow is to consider all local politicians who agreed to…

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