Right Sector: Khreshchatyk shooting “a domestic conflict”

strelba-437x277Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 14:30

The Right Sector produced a statement saying that the shooting which took place on Khreshchatyk was due to a misunderstanding, which led to a domestic conflict.

“In the evening of March 31, 2014, near European Square in Kyiv there was an unfortunate incident involving members of Maidan Self-Defense and the Right Sector. A misunderstanding of a domestic nature resulted in a conflict with firearms. As a result, the shooting was not without victims,” the statement said.

“The police were right on the scene. The Right Sector’s participant in the conflict “voluntarily and without opposing the law enforcement officers, followed them to the police station to examine the circumstances of the incident,” the statement said.

“The Right Sector stands for an objective and impartial investigation into the incident and will not interfere in the investigation, although it will observe the progress. We are interested in establishing the truth, so we will not rush with excuses. However, we promise to draw internal disciplinary conclusions from this event,” the organization announced.

The police said that based on the fact of shooting they issued a criminal case under Article 115 part 1 (attempted murder).  As reported, a shooting took place on Khreschatyk on Monday evening. The police arrested the suspect. He appeared to be an activist from the Right Sector.

According to Maidan Centurion Anatoliy Vedmid, there was a conflict between the Right Sector member and a self-defense activist of Maidan. In Vedmid’s words, during the conflict one of the participants pulled out a gun and the second had a gas cylinder and splashed it into the face of the former. The other person started shooting.

According to the Kyiv police, after shooting, three people born in 1958, 1995 and 1990 respectively, were injured. Two of them come from Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, and one comes from Crimea. The injuries include legs, chest and back. Among the wounded was first mayor deputy Bohdan Dubas, who allegedly appeared on the scene of crime by accident. The official was provided medical care and released. The other two injured are in hospital.

Interior Minister Avakov specified that a fighter of the third hundred, Oleksandr Levkusha, was shot in the chest and underwent surgery. “The injuries are extremely serious. There are three gunshot wounds. Both lungs are punched. The third bullet is in the abdomen. Coupled with that is a bad loss of blood,” wrote the Minister.

The original news in Ukrainian is on the Ukrayinska Pravda website



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