Widespread disappointment grows in Crimea

After the euphoria of joining Russia for some, the more sobering realities and disillusionment start to set for all.

Voices of Ukraine

03.30.2014 Obozrevatel.com
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: http://obozrevatel.com/politics/20587-v-kryimu-narastaet-vseobschee-razocharovanie.htm


The Russian dream of pro-Putin Crimeans is being shattered by harsh reality.

Earlier this week, two thirds of the peninsula were left without electricity. Who is to blame is still unclear, but the supply of electricity from the mainland has been substantially reduced. Officials warn that soon the separatists will receive significantly higher electricity bills.

The promises to pensioners also turned out to be a myth. Their pensions were never doubled, but simply converted into rubles, reports TSN.

Pricing chaos. Empty banks and ATMs. Lines for several days at a time. These are the first results of “improvement,” Crimean-style. All the joys of civilization, which were obvious before, do not work. The lights can be turned off at any time. In one’s passport, an address that doesn’t exist. Salary cards are a bare piece of plastic. Lines for pay, are just like in old…

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