Psychologists of Maidan: The base emotion now is anxiety.

Psychological Services of Maidan: helping so many through so many phases of anxiety.

Voices of Ukraine

By Olha Makar
Translated by Euromaidan and edited by Voices of Ukraine

04cd9fe-300The psychological service of Maidan, which has now established itself at McDonald’s on the main square in the country, has long been a part of Maidan culture. The numbers only serve to confirm this: within three months, almost 16 thousand people turned to the service for support.

Psychological Service self-organised on Maidan for the first time on December 2, 2013 – initiated by psychologists Volodymyr Pogoriliy, Galyna Tsyganenko and Nataliya Shaposhnyk: a crowded, unusual situation, fear and anxiety after the clashes – they had every reason to believe that people might need psychological help.

Now, the service has more than 300 volunteers working each day, they receive between 50 to 100 people daily at McDonald’s, the Ukrainian House and the Kyiv City Administration, at first aid locations, as well as at the posts of self-defence guard. In…

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