Ukrainian Ministry Cuts Expenses on Government Maintenance

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has published a presentation explaining the drastic measures that will be taken to cut expenses on government maintenance.

Staff Layoffs

  • Presidential Administration, State Affairs Administration, and National Security and Defense Council administration – 50%
  • Parliamentary Secretariat and staff of support bodies created by the President – 20%
  • Cabinet of Ministers Secretariat – 10%
  •  Accounting Chamber – 10%
  • Central Elections Commission – 10%
  • State Judicial Administration – 10%
  • Central executive branch agencies – 10%
  • Collegial bodies and local state administration – 10%

 22,200 staff members laid off, savings of UAH 635.5 million

Reduction of Vehicle Pool

 -1,800 units, meaning UAH 41 million is saved in expenses on servicing the vehicle pool

Title: Reduction of Bonuses for Civil Servants


  • Benefits to former Presidents, Prime Ministers, ministers (monthly annuity payments; maintenance of their support offices; use of public dachas, vehicles, security detail; fare-free transportation; reduced housing and utility rates)
  • Allowances to prosecutors, investigators, judges, civil servants upon retirement (resignation)
  • Bonuses to officials for diligent continuous service and exemplary performance of official duties

Economic Benefits Resulting from Miscellaneous Expenditure Cuts

  • UAH 26.9 million – reduction in the number of assistants to MPs
  • UAH 7 million – elimination of funding for Parliament’s sanatoriums and resorts
  • UAH 6.5 million – elimination of funding for sanatoriums and resorts under State Affairs Administration (Koncha-Zaspa sanatorium)
  • UAH 3.1 million – resulting from charging full (100%) rates for the use of resort facilities by officials

Translated by Olga Ruda



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