Yefremov’s Accounts Blocked for “Financing of Terrorism”

State Financial Monitoring Service has blocked personal accounts of Oleksandr Yefremov, chair of the Party of Regions faction in Rada and head of the Luhansk oblast organization of the Party of Regions. Yefremov reported this during a press conference today, “Luhansk.Commentaries” informs. 

Yefremov said that he tried to use his bank card to make a payment, but was told there was a technical glitch. In the end, it turned out that his personal accounts have been blocked. 

“It turns out we have this State Financial Monitoring Service, which blocked my accounts under the Financing of Terrorism article. You do realize where I am, and where terrorism is”, said the deputy.

He also added that he has had these bank accounts for 15 years. “It’s so transparent, that anyone would only need 10 minutes to simply look through it and reach appropriate conclusions. But nevertheless, this is happening”, stated Yefremov.

According to the MP, he used this example to illustrate working methods of the new government.


Translated by Olga Ruda


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