Ukraine is concerned by human rights violations in Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is disturbed by the violations of human rights and the increasing political repression in Russia, said ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyynis at a press briefing on Friday, April 4, reports Ukrinform.

“The human rights situation in Russia and the incidents of political repression in that country are causing deep concern, ” he said.

Perebyynis said that according to Freedom House, Russia belongs to the category of “non-free countries,” and is considered a “consolidated authoritarian regime.” He also pointed out that last year the human rights organizations Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International described the human rights situation in Russia as the worst in 25 years.

Perebyynis added that Russian human rights organizations report that more than 70 political prisoners are serving sentences in the Russian Federation today. However, he pointed out, “this figure is far from complete, because, as we know, nonconformity is seriously punished in Russia. And with the current paranoid hysteria, Russian authorities find it everywhere: in singing, dancing, paintings, books, statements of citizens of the Russian Federation,” he said.

He also mentioned the search and seizure of archival materials from the Ukrainian library in Moscow and the cases of Litvinenko, Khodorkovsky and Magnitsky that “shook the entire world.” Perebyynis also called attention to other persecutions in the Russian Federation, including the so-called trial of the opposition politician Alexey Navalny and the “amazing for the XXI century” decision by Russia’s prosecutor to prohibit the publication of his materials in social media.

“Obviously, the Russian government is so afraid of the truth about what is happening in Russia today that it is ready not only to destroy the opposition physically but also to eliminate any available information, even on the Internet,” he said.

Pereybynis stated that the denial of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine, the kidnapping and abuse of Ukrainian military, the disrespect shown for the national symbols of the Ukrainian state, the blocking of Ukrainian media, the brutal murder of a Crimean Tatar simply because he protested against the Russian occupation of Crimea are all elements of the “democracy” that Russia is now imposing on a part of Ukrainian territory,

“Therefore any attempt by the Russian Federation to distort the situation by claiming a defense of human rights in Ukraine is nothing other than an attempt to cover up its own problems in this area. The Holy Scripture provides the best description for this specific situation: before you look at the speck in your neighbor’s eye, remove the log from your own eye,” he concluded.

Translated by Anna Mostovych



2 thoughts on “Ukraine is concerned by human rights violations in Russia

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  2. The dire consequences of trusting Putin’s restrictive Russian Regime are slowly but surely beginning to surface. Witness what is happening (or should I say: “What is NOT happening”?!) in Putin’s Crimea. It is in shambles. No one in the civilized world wants to visit it or to buy one ruble of goods or services from it. It has been boycotted by the entire world (except for Russia), including mainland Ukraine, as even the postal services have stopped there (in addition to the banks, most grocery stores, Court and Legal services, the Ukrainian Embassy or Passport Office, the Ukrainian Military Services and even the Tourist Offices!). Soon without proper utilities and severe shortage of fuel, Crimea with wither up and die like a once-beautiful flower that no one cares to water or to nurture. Why should Putin care about complaints from the citizens of Crimea (or from Mother Russia?)? On 9th May 2014 (ironically, known as “Victory Day”, the Russian celebration of freedom from Nazi rule!) Putin’s Dictatorial Laws will take effect in the Crimea as they now are in Russia–whereby one cannot criticize, nor complain about anything whatsoever (even the weather, I suppose?!) without being held in suspicion, placed under arrest, and possibly imprisoned or simply sent to Siberia for an indeterminate period of time, even a life sentence, [as there is no Court of Appeal and no one to speak on the behalf or bequest of The Accused (aka: alleged victim)]. Human rights is a joke to Putin. Just as the Roman Emperor Nero is purported to have fiddled while Rome burned, so this ‘little Czar’ Putin sings “On Blueberry Hill” (in English) while the human rights of his captive citizens (whether in Russia or the newly acquired Crimea) are being roasted alive by their own Berkut (or Security Police). What Putin wishes to do with ALL of Ukraine is clear for the entire world to see (as in a goldfish bowl!) through his treatment of Ukrainian Crimea. This once plush and resourceful land is now being plundered by Russian invaders who are no doubt rubbing their hands in anticipation of all the lands and properties they will acquire in the Crimea just as the Nazi regime took over the vast estates and properties of German Jews through the ‘right of conquest’. Putin does not wish for the Republic of Ukraine to ever exist! He intends to wipe it out as he is doing in Ukrainian Crimea–disrespecting and destroying everything that is Ukrainian so that it may be replaced by the Russian counterpart. The burning of the Ukrainian books in Moscow, I fear, was only the preview of much more to come!

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